Attention! The engagement in Instagram is dropping. Is there a solution?

Instagram has become one of the favorite, if not the most used, digital marketing tools of brands and companies to help them reach the public directly thanks to, among other things, its enormous reach. However, it seems that this new extremely commercial face of the social network is affecting one of the main objectives that advertisers seek: engagement.

According to the Merca20 portal, a recent report by the Trust Insights firm reveals that, from January to June of this year, the average engagement in the social network fell by 18%. The reason? The products themselves (what companies sell through the platform) are becoming the vehicle for content marketing.

That means the contents are losing relevance, and the public no longer feels compromised. That, of course, affects both brands and companies as well as influencers, a sector whose specific engagement suffered a greater fall even during the aforementioned period (44%).

Quantity v Quality

This fall in Instagram engagement responds, according to the report, to the fact that the more brands and users there are on the platform, the greater the number of publications and, consequently, the lower the possibility of connecting from the public.

To this is added the disappearance of the likes, metric that worked as a suitable hook to raise engagement rates.


The scenario poses a series of challenges for brands and influencers, who will now be forced to optimize their communication actions within Instagram by creating even more attractive content to attract the target audience, building a dedicated community, and promoting their publications through Stories (which is the format that has been excluded from all this debacle, maintaining high interaction and commitment rates).